Yeah Toast!

I tell you guys it’s dangerous when you smell burning toast (YEAH TOAST!).  You guys say, “But I love toast!”   (YEAH TOAST!)

Seriously.  I can’t take you anywhere.

I suspect my husband won’t be able to eat anything but dry toast (YEAH TOAST!) today based on his late arrival home this morning and the subsequent hours he spent moaning and begging me to make the room stop spinning.  Poor bastard.

So in celebration of toast (YEAH TOAST!), our greatest culinary achievement of all time (with the exception of cheesecake, pizza, tacos, lasagna, peanut butter, ice cream, carrots, etc) I want to share the song I sing each and every time I think of toast.  YEAH TOAST!

For those of you that can’t see the video, here are the lyrics:

all around the country coast to coast,
people always say what do you like most,
I don’t wanna brag i don’t wanna boast,
I always tell ’em I like toast.

yeah TOAST yeah TOAST

i get up in the mornin’ bout six AM,
have a little jelly have a little jam,
take a piece of bread put it in the slot,
push down the lever and the wires gets hot,
i get toast.

yeah TOAST yeah TOAST

now there’s no secret to toasting perfection,
there’s a dial on the side and you make your selection,
push to the dark or the light and then,
if it pops too soon press down again,
make toast.

yeah TOAST yeah TOAST

when the first caveman drove in from the drags,
didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs,
must have been a genius got it in his head,
plug the toaster in the wall,
buy a bag of bread,
make toast.

yeah TOAST yeah TOAST

oui monsieur bonjour coquette,
uh huh croissante vous a ver,
maurice chevalier effeil tower,
oh oui maria bagette bon soir,



    1. Do you have one of those awesome designated shakers with the cinnamon and sugar all mixed together? Say you do. I’m begging you.

  1. Yeah Toast. I have not had a toast for an entire year. I cannot eat bread but I love Melba toast. yeah melba toast!! Yes? No?

  2. omg! i love this song! my coworker and i used to sing it all the time. when she was pregnant she would make toast (yeah TOAST!) every morning in the breakroom, and then the song would be stuck in my head the rest of the day. so thanks for that… now i’m singing it again. yeah toast!

  3. An ode to toast with a side of hangover. Brilliance. Your mind is a truly beautiful thing my friend. A scary, slightly disturbing, weirdly erotic, kinda twisted, notably lickable, but truly beautiful thing. 🙂

    1. Damnit! I don’t think it’s possible for me to get business cards with “notably lickable” on them in time for BlogHer. However, I’m going to make myself a little pin all the same.

  4. I want a song that is “YEAH SPROUTED WHOLE GRAIN BREAD BECA– USE IT’S HEALTHY AND FULL OF FIBER” song. Work on it, will ya?

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