Wordless Wednesday

I don’t think I’ve ever written a Wordless Wednesday post.  If I did, I probably didn’t do it right.  I mean, I’m allegedly writing one now and I’m already on my third sentence.  But sentences are ok, right?   It’s not called Sentenceless Wednesday, now is it?   So all I have to do is avoid single words.  Or if I use single words, be sure to smack some sort of punctuation after the word.


Well that probably wasn’t the best example.  Now there’s a word smack in the middle of my Wordless Wednesday post.


See?  That would have been a much better example.

Not that I have a photo for this post.  Which is supposed to be the whole point of one of these things, right?

No, I don’t think my elementary school teacher ever put a check mark in that box next to “Follows directions well.  “Why do you ask?

Oh no wait, I have one!  A picture, not a checked box.  In fact, let’s leave my box out of this.  But back to the picture.  Which is, again, not of my box.

I’ve been playing with this new app for my iPad called Younicorn and it’s my new favorite crack rock.  It’s the first app I’ve ever bought (at a whopping 99 cents) and it was uber worth it.  Because look how adorable Rocco is…







  1. You’re doing it wrong. But it feels SO right!

    The pictures are a riot! Is that what you took Rocco to the vet for a few weeks back when I was there with Biscuit?

    Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I saw his name on the board!

  2. The Mildredcorn is EXACTLY what I picture the rapture would look like. Only the rapture would smell like Nutella, not cat.

  3. I totally want that app. But only if I can make zombie unicorns. Because I’m pretty much all about the zombies today.

    I think it should be word-full Wednesdays. That’s so much easier.


  4. The third kitty looks like she’s sucking out souls and enjoying every minute of it.
    Did I break the wordless rule by commenting? Was I supposed to ponder the photos in quiet repose?

    1. I think enjoyment of soul sucking is pretty much a prerequisite for a soul sucking position. As opposed to a pole sucking position.

      Note to self: don’t type while sleep deprived.

  5. So I think you should link up at Wordless Wednesday, but without any pictures at all. It could be like protest art, protesting the banning of words from Wednesday.

    Alternately, you should start your own linkup dealio called Weirdful Wednesday and have it be all Younicorn, all the time.

  6. Rocco is adorable like that. Miracle the Cat actually looks sort of like the cat. Only she doesn’t have a unicorn horn. She has a big metal spike on her head that she uses to gore me when all I have been doing is petting her and being nice. It’s easier to just fuck with her and then know I deserved to get gored.

  7. Rocco’s eyes sparkle like a My Little Pony too. I think you should use these pics as decor in your baby’s room.

    1. I’ll print an eight ft sq panel of Roccocorn and wallpaper the nursery with it. Get ready to see my spread in House Beautiful. And really, didn’t you expect for an Elly Lou spread to be in an entirely different type of magazine?

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