1. I wonder if this word has ever come up in a spelling bee.

    “Can you use it in a sentence, please?”

  2. when they use words like sheathe and enclose it makes me feel like my lady parts are so otherworldly and shrouded in ancient mysteries. Like “why hamster smell?” and “if it’s so unattractive looking why is everyone after it?”
    So, again, I’ve derailed the freight train of righteousness and let the passenger cars accordian into a smut puddle by the side of the tracks.
    I’ll go now.

    1. Lady parts ARE otherworldly and shrouded in ancient mysteries. And if you’re, say, 8 months pregnant, they’re also hot, engorged, and clammy. And NOT in a sexy way. *stops to fan crotch some more*

  3. Oy, that is disturbing in about eight different ways.

    And yet I am already wondering about how to use these words (or word in many formats?) casually in conversation at the office tomorrow. Yes, CASUALLY…

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