Woke Up Uke

It’s still raining.  It’s still cold.  I’m still uke-ing.

Bridget Callahan, this is your fault.  I know, brooding isn’t really my color (coincidentally, neither is orange based on the video below), but you picked a sad song.  Sad songs sound weird on the ukulele.  It’s kinda like performing a dirge on a kazoo.  Or Rod Stewart performing…ever.

Watch closely and you can see Mildred’s stealth cameo.  I’m officially ruling the foot “not broken.”

Speaking of shirts (because I kept talking while you were off video watching and I talked about shirts, damnit), I’m sad you can’t read my shirt in the video.  It says, “Bad Poetry: oh noetry.”  I’m not entirely sure why that makes me laugh so hard my nose leaks, but it does.

I can’t leave you on a Friday with a such a sad song even if it’s a sad, weird day and I’m pretty sure the entire cosmos is mildly whiny today and therefore I’m mildly whiny and totally over dealing with sentence structure or punctuation or cold toes and you know what?  Here’s a happy video.  It will make you smile.  So if you only have time to watch one video watch this video.  But if you don’t have time to watch even one video, you’re having an even worse week than I am so you deserve a piece of cake.  Not that this video contains any cake.  Nope.  None.

Happy Friday.  Let there be cake.


  1. I was starting to get upset because I didn’t think this was coming today and I was just going to give up and go get my boots resoled in honor of the fallen dog from the previous post.
    Do Shock the MONKEY next!!!!!
    Fox the fox, rat on the rat you can ape the ape….

  2. Also, I’m sitting there like I’m staring at one of those “magic paintings” they have at the mall that you can only REALLY see if you squint your eyes while crossing them and even THEN you’re the only one without the magic powers in your group who CANNOT SEE!
    So that describes my level of anxiety looking for Mildred.
    So is that large blue orb a medicine ball?

    1. It’s an exercise ball. That I seem to never us to exercise. Mostly it’s hear so my parents can have sex on it when they visit.

      You asked…

  3. It’s the new moon you know. It makes us crotchety. Not the vampire story New Moon (although that makes me kind of crotchety too) the actual moon in the sky. Seriously, I read it somewhere once. On the internet.

    Your shirt is awesome. And I second the request for Shock the Monkey.

  4. Your comment up there about Jamie Lee Curtis? Kinda made me lose my shit man. That was funny! I too was kinda panicking… it’s just not Friday without you and Herbert!

    Cheers love!

    Oh… and that second video? loved it…

    1. It’s all that Activia you’ve been eating. Everyone has trouble keeping their shit with that much active fiber whatever-ness in their bodies.

      Herbert says hi, too.

  5. I thought it was beautiful. The pathos matches your eyes. But I promise next time I will request something more upbeat.

    We’ll save the sad songs for me making videos drunk at 3am in the morning.

    1. It was a perfectly you song, I just lack the skillz to perfectly execute it. Bad new is, now you know you can trick me into doing just about anything with those wily words of yours.

  6. Did you know that if you close one eye and watch your vid your big blue ball and the boobhead drawn on your shirt merge? No? Okay just me. One of those days. I do love a sad song on a uke though.

  7. OK, I have watched it twice and I still can’t see Mildred. probably because I can’t take my eyes off of your eyes.

    *major swoon*

    I’d watch it a third, but I’m not sure my heart could take another listen to that song. Especially after yesterday’s post about the Doggie.

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