I Sprocketed this morning.  Obviously I’m getting enough fiber, after all.   No really, slide on over there to check out the most offensive political ad ever created in the history of all time.

I left my girls down in Virginia with Mom and Dad.  Their base camp is Dad’s wood shop.  When I left, Lucy was hiding under an air-conditioning duct and Mildred was balancing atop a lathe with cobwebs, sawdust, and an entire dessicated moth stuck to her head.  One of them is having the time of her life.  (One of the cats I mean.  Obviously the moth is sorta done with the whole life thing.)

Yes, I’m going into kitty withdrawal.  Though I do have this little rotund ball of fur to keep me placated.  She keeps licking my forehead.  It’s rather distracting.  And in a profoundly disturbing way, comforting, too.

Interwebz, meet Lucky. Lucky, Interwebz.

Wait, that photo doesn’t quite do her justice.  Let’s try a shot from another angle.

Kitty got back.

I definitely can’t fit THAT in my mouth.  Not that I’ve really tried.  Yet.  Dammit.  I guess I know how I’ll be spending my afternoon.

Here’s hoping Mildred doesn’t come back looking like this:


  1. Lucky is adoraballs! What have you been doing to get your forehead dirty? Have you made the switch to prosthetics like Tom? You know you have to wash those, right?

    1. Dammit. How could I miss that line. Thank you for helping me maintain the level of inappropriate you beautiful people have come to expect around here.

  2. I would strongly recommend you use a um… slip cover, if you are planning to put strange cats into your mouth. You don’t know where that pussy has been.

  3. I don’t know how to follow all this sex talk. I just wanted to say–that is the most offensive political ad ever made. Also, I love big (cat) butts and I cannot lie….

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