Where’s My Megaphone?

*drags forward a fair trade certified, paraben and phthalate free soap box, gives it a little dust off, climbs on, clears throat*

Rod Stewart is the Antichrist.

No wait, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  Though while we’re slightly off topic and I’ve already made one reference to parabens and phthalates, please please PLEASE go watch the latest Annie Leonard video on toxic cosmetics.  Then visit the Environmental Working Group’s database to see if your cosmetics are safe.  I like you.  I want you to be safe and healthy.  That’s why I’m always trying to save you from Rod Stewart.  Do it for the kittens.

While I’m all riled up, I feel the need to say a little something in response to this link someone sent me.  The mosque at Ground Zero has been in the news before, but leave it to Mrs. Palin to turn this into an even bigger clusterfuck and cloud the issue.  Now everyone and their brother (including a random blogger or two) has to share their two cents.

Let me highlight my favorite quote from the video – “Any religion that condones violence cannot deliver spirituality.”  That must be why this Pat guy is an atheist, for there aren’t many religions that don’t condone violence.  (Also, this is the first time in the history of the universe that I have NOT found a British accent sexy.  Congrats, Pat.)

No, I didn’t lose anyone on September 11th.  Yes, on that day I was living and working in Manhattan.  I don’t really want to go into all the details of my experiences that day – they aren’t really relevant to this discussion.  The only part that really sticks with me now was my intense fear that I had lost my brother Drew, who lived mere blocks from the site – the kindest, gentlest soul I have ever known.  My heart still hurts when I think of what the experience must have been like for him.

Ok that’s enough of that.  I don’t have time to get weepy today.

The point is, I get the emotion wrapped up with 9-11.  It’s a touchy subject.  Check.  Understood.  Agreed.

But that’s all the more reason that mosque should be built.

NYC is full of multiple religions, ethnicities, cultures and sexual orientations.  That’s part of what makes it wonderful.  The same is true for a lot of the US.

I’m not a fan of terrorists, but there are many parts of the Muslim religion that are stunningly beautiful and we all should incorporate into our lives.  I’d say that’s true of all religions.

In response to the email I received, asking if the mosque was real and what my thoughts were,  I sent a link to a less inflammatory article the Huffington Post had written.

Here’s my favorite part of that article:

Marvin Bethea, a paramedic who survived the toxic collapse of the twin towers and suffers from a range of afflictions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and asthma, said he supports the mosque.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists,” Bethea said. “Muslims died on 9/11, as well. This is a tremendous gesture to show that we’re not all full of hatred and bigotry.”

I think the beautiful blogger Queen of Spain summed it up quite nicely with her post earlier this week:

Ground Zero Mosque — My Kids Have It Right

…but if the good people want to help, and want to have their church there, why can’t they?

Well honey, some bad people did some things with their church too, and it really upsets the people’s families who died.

But these people are trying to just be normal, why can’t they be normal and help? Why does everyone hate them, even though they are nice and just want to live there too?

Because sometimes, sweetie, other people can be very blind. They don’t see how any of these people could be nice- even if they are.

Mom, that’s really … you know… the ‘d’ word.


Yeah, that’s dumb. Why are some people dumb?

I don’t know honey. I don’t know.


  1. I was living in Lower Manhattan on 9/11/01 myself and remember the clusterfuck that was even trying to enter my own neighborhood without ID and the ensuing chaos 9/11 brought on everyone and their opinions on Muslims and related matters. But really, ALL Muslims are terrorists now in some people’s books? That’s crazy talk. So what if it had been some crazed white Christian terrorists who’d crashed some planes into the WTC and caused destruction, people would oppose a church being built there? I sincerely doubt that.

    Also, and I think equally importantly, Rod Stewart IS the anti-Christ. I have always said so. There’s no other explanation for how that tiny, troll-like, pointy, squishy, gravel voiced old man can still bag tall blonde models. Or ever could. I remember when I was about 17 getting blasted on whisky at a relative’s wedding and dancing to “Do You Think I’m Sexy”? That was half my damn life ago and I still haven’t forgiven myself. Plus, NO ROD. I don’t think you’re sexy, I think you’re DELUSIONAL. And deformed.

    There, I feel so much better now. I’ve been waiting for that a long time.

    1. I can’t decide if I’m horrified by your dancing to the devil or madly in love with you for recognizing the horror that is Rod. You called him “deformed” so probably the latter.

  2. From what I’ve read and seen on TV, I believe the so-called Ground Zero Mosque is in fact 2 or 3 blocks from Ground Zero, not “at” Ground Zero. And the congregation is simply renovating an existing building, not building a new one. Seems like Palin and the Tea Baggers are really proposing a “no Muslim zone” to encompass a certain distance around Ground Zero. That would be ugly to enforce.

  3. this country was built on personal and religous freedom, not intolerance and hate. that’s what our founding fathers and ancestors came here to escape. fuck you sarah fuckface!

  4. Yeah, I have a hard time with the “one faction messed up, let’s blame them all” argument. After all, Christians are still allowed in Spain after the inquisition.

  5. Fucking Palin, I am dumbfounded by her sheer stupidity. They should have used her to plug the BP hole. I swear she irritates me!
    I feel much better now. This was an awesome post. It is sad how only the bad part of Islam is sensationalized. Every religion has its good and not so good part.

  6. I was living in Florida at the time and can remember every single thing about that day. At the time I was working in a Cardiology practice. A very ethnically diverse practice.. it was interesting to hear the docs views on it all.
    The way I see it, everyone in America lost something that day. Everyone. We may not have lost loved ones, but we lost our innocence. September 11 left us all with the realization that we are not as safe as we once thought we were. The “that sort of stuff doesn’t happen in America” happened, and we will never be the same.

  7. So, you think I have a sexy accent, eh (hugging myself)?

    Aw, I used to be a card-carrying member of the Green party, until the first wrinkle showed. Now? I’ll take any toxic waste promising to hold the years back. (Can I help it if I’m shallow?)

    I’m an aethiest, but even I can see the benefits of treating each other with respect. Guess the world is full of morons, whether religious or otherwise.

    Yet another fine post here, I’m happy to say!

  8. Oh, and that’s another thing; I had tickets to see Rod Stewart in concert, once (don’t worry, I didn’t go).. hmmn, I feel me a blog post coming on!

  9. I totally agree. You are hard pressed to find any religion that has not committed atrocities in the name of their “god”. Buddhism maybe. Wiccans definitely (maybe that’s because it’s a goddess…hmm). I’m just so sick of all the hatred.

    You’ll be happy to know my makeup is only mildly toxic. And I don’t even where it everyday. Only when I leave the house. Good thing I’m kind of a recluse. Lol.


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