We Uke You A Merry Christmas

Hi Interwebz.  Tis’ the season for me to crawl into a mug of mulled wine and giggle with my siblings, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to find your jollies (and vagina jokes) somewhere else for a little while.

But before I embark on my epic quest to consume as much ranch dressing and Cheerwine as humanely possible, Herbert wants to tell you a little something.  (This originally appeared at Neil’s Annual Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Concert.)

Happy Holidays from me (and Herbert and Thom….and Rocco and Mildred and Lucy) to you, Interwebz.  By the by, your ass looks marvelous in those jeans.  Go ahead and have yourself another slice o’ pie.


  1. You crazy fuckers. You could at least have donned fake Amish beards and overcoats as well. And ended up by having an almighty sibling snog.


    Excellent tune my dears. And harmonies too! The talent is all encompassing and making me feel inadequate. Inadequacy requires cake so I must now go and oblige.

  2. Thom’s voice so sure and steady and yours so angelic and sweet! My foofy bird just burst out crying with joy!
    p.s. love the use of “cocksucking” at the end.
    Have a merry:)

  3. Love this one, Elly. littleb likes the addition of Thom and this is his favorite song. So he says. Not really all that sure he was listening since he was intent on picking my nose the entire time. But that’s another (gross) story. Merry Christmas to you all. See you in the cock sucking New Year, I guess.

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