Way Over Yonder

I only just now figured out it’s Labor Day Weekend.  I’m a teensy bit behind the times.  Last night I was watching something off the DVR and there was a commercial for the Target Day After Thanksgiving Sale.  I had no idea we were so close to doing that again already.

Sort of how I feel on Fridays.

This song always makes me think of Tom G.  For multiple reasons.  That I’m not going to tell you.  But if you read him, I won’t have to.  Which is good, because I’m not really forming complete sentences again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to rescue some wine that’s been trapped in a bottle for months.  Happy MFBT!


  1. I feel like we should have a washtub to accompany you while Tom brews hooch in the distance and Paul adds the yeaaahhh hollers.
    Love this,love you,love Fridayxoxo

    1. Also, while I’m still cultivating my affection for Wilco, Billy Bragg is one of my all time favorites.

  2. This was so awesome I had to come back this morning for another listen. Now I’m going to put on my overalls, go climb a tree and compose dirty limericks about Dufmanno.

  3. Ha ha ain’t nobody who can sing like you except PAUL!!!

    I love how you can just keep trucking … I, sadly, do not, but instead get all cranky about being Interrupted. This must stop. I shall take your song into my day and be Inspired.

    Okay. Enough with the Capitalised Important Words. Too bad about the map. Also: I visited Tom. I might love him.

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