Walking On Sunshine

My kids seem to keep doing that thing where they jump entire sizes overnight. So we’ve been spending entirely too much time in shoe departments.

Paul: May I try these on?
Me: Did you find those in the girl’s section, love?
Paul: They were on the other side. Is that the girl’s section?
Me: Never mind. Who’s on there?
Paul: I’m not sure. I think they are princesses. They’re beautiful.
Me: That is a LOT of glitter. Let’s try them on. How do they feel?
Paul:¬†They’re really pretty but they hurt.
Me: And that, my love, is how you know they’re from the girl’s section.

In other news, I uked. This one is a special dedication to an incredibly talented and generous woman that only recently came into my life. But be damned if I’m letting her back out of it. So even if it isn’t breast cancer awareness month anymore, I think it’s ok to still be obsessed with her boobs.