Rollin' Sans Homeys
Rollin' Sans Homeys

Sometimes you need only walk outside your front door for a bit of amusement.  I saw this guy tooling down my block yesterday afternoon.  He was like Tony Hawk, but with fewer wheels.  I gotta say though, this doesn’t seem to be a particularly efficient mode of travel.  He was moving only a tiny bit faster than the pedestrians he passed.  His protective gear was particularly amusing – his pads started at his ankles and extended above his knees.  Had they been made of cherry red vinyl, he could have wooed a john or two.  As he tottered away from me, he hit a patch of cobblestone.  His balance faltered briefly and he stopped rolling forward.  I cringed anticipating a mess of elbows, loose teeth, bleeding head wounds, and chunks of oozing flesh.  Instead, he proceeded to bounce in place as though the unicycle was a pogo stick.  Think Lance Armstrong can do that?


  1. Hey! That was me in that photo! It takes a lot of work and yes, bleeding head wounds and chunks of oozing flesh (no loose teeth or messed elbows yet) but it is definitely the challenge that keeps me riding as well as the fact that so many people find it amusing.

    Thanks for writing!

    – MG

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