Ever wonder what’s in envelope glue?  Me too!  I’ve been licking a lot of them lately as I’m sending out all these fat checks just to be living in the same frickin apartment with the same frickin furniture and all my shit in boxes.  Bitter?  Not me.  Grumble.

The glue is pretty bitter though.  Hell it’s down right icky.  Do you think the ingredients are government regulated or are we getting some weird toxic blend from China?  Not that those are mutually exclusive…

Time for research!  I found out they’re gluten free at least.  Apparently most are made with maltodextrin – an ingredient in Weight Watchers Ice Cream.  Yum.  I did find this weird doc which basically says the ingredients are a trade secret but employees need to take quite a few precautions when working with the gunk in bulk.  I can hear Rocco getting all riled up already.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch honey.  I’m not going to start making my own organic, non-toxic envelope glue….yet.


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