Ukulele Reprise

I can’t get any of these damn electronics to work down here, so no new uke for you.  I’ll try and get something recorded to maybe post next Friday.  Assuming I can maintain that sort of attention span.  Say, I wonder if glitter is biodegradable.

In the meantime, here’s a re-post of Dadicorn’s last appearance on Ukulele Fridays.  He’s still adorable even if his horn isn’t showing.

TGIMFBT.  Cross your fingers I can figure out how to make all this technology work before the weekend is over.


  1. There’s that “I know you’re the fruit of my loins…” vagina face again!

    Does he know it’ll freeze that way? Ooooh! He does. Doesn’t he?

    Say no more.

  2. If only you were having a girl, a little Petunia, onion farmer. But wait, it’s 2011. Maybe you could name your son Petunia. I’m sure it wouldn’t cause too much irreprabel damage to his psyche or emotional/social/sexual development.
    I’m a child therapist so you HAVE to listen to me on these matters.
    Plus? ENCORE!

  3. Your dad is simply too awesome! It’s easy to see where you get your awesomeness and brilliance. (I know your mom is just as awesome and brilliant and your aunts too!) The ending is hysterical and profound and a loving and wise message from a father. ^_^

    Onions mean something special to me because it has been used as an analogy for self-discovery: at the end, we are made up of all these layers, without a single core of truth that could be considered to be our true self. All layers are us.

    So… this song could be read that way. At least that’s how I am reading it. Pain meds.

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