Ukulele Lady

Note to self:  If you pick a song with “ukulele” already in the title, naming your post gets much easier.

I should probably clarify that I’m not in this video.  Seems I’m not feeling super well.  I think I have a bug.  Or a ukulele.  Or fourteen or so.  Currently residing in my lower intestine.

And for some reason I’m now picturing Rick Santorum.  Woof.

So no, that’s not me singing away down there.  I wouldn’t want to mislead you.  It’s awful hard to tell.  Kermit and I look a LOT alike.  (Though that little aqua guy does have a Paul look to him…I think it’s the hair.)

So, as always, a happy motherfucking booze time to you beauties.  And in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other.


  1. You are so sweet. Even when you’re under the weather, you are still thinking of your “people” (me, being one of them!

    Thank you…it’s adorable, just like you and Paul!

  2. Muppets AND ukuleles? HMFBT, indeed!
    Now you be excellent to your lower intestine. Absolutely no misogynistic Republicans allowed.

  3. Thinking of us in your time of need, you are a rock star lady. I only recently found out the definition of a ‘Santorum’. As much as I giggled (well it was more of a ‘Ewwww, giggle, ewww’ situation), I wouldn’t wish that in anyone’s lover intestine.

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  4. Oh noes! I’m super late to this funfest but I’ve not forgotten ya. I hope you’re feeling better. Seriously. That first year?! Fifteen frickin’ years long. It. Gets. Easier. and much, much frickin’ faster.

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