Ukulele Lady (I’m Using the Term “Lady” Loosely)

Today is a hard day. In fact, I tend to take a break from all things media on this anniversary. “Never Forget” doesn’t have to mean “Replay Every Horrifying Moment in Detail.”

I considered not posting a ukulele video today. I considered posting something somber and appropriate. But then I uked anyway. And I wrote a silly, pithy post to go right along with it. Because I want to celebrate life today – in all its ridiculous, joyful sloppiness. And maybe you guys want to, too.


Have you ever, in a moment of delusional headiness, pledge to do something? Only to realize too late that doing that thing makes you feel terribly foolish and embarrassed? And that the past several years have not been terribly kind to you and maybe the world doesn’t need to see you in high def, warbling and abusing a tiny stringed instrument? Surely we’re all too old for that shit now, right?

But then you remember there’s a box of wine in the basement. And that for some inexplicable reason, people liked these videos before. And in all likelihood, those same sweet people will probably still like them. Most likely because they ALSO have a box of wine in the basement. And are sadists with a fetish for tiny stringed instrument torture videos.

Fortunately for you crazy fuckers, I don’t judge.

But please, my lovelies, be warned. What started out as a great t-shirt should now be a disclaimer: Please engage in MFBT before you watch me uke. Then watch me nae nae. Then watch me…


  1. I missed this Ukelele Lady sooo much.

    Pookie, you are every bit as adoraballs, and delicious as you ever were. Don’t think for an instant that time isn’t being kind to you. Time is your beeatch, and she adores you too.

  2. Lovely! Missed you. You’ve come thru the infant years with both your brains and your beauty intact. Well done.

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