Ukulele In The Morning

So long story short, suddenly I have to have the entire apartment packed up by Tuesday.  As a result, I spent large chunks of yesterday dumpster diving for boxes.  In other news, I’m a little pungent.  But the moral of the story is, just ignore all the boxes and the ridiculously tall bed behind me.  Also, don’t try and slip any peas in there while I’m not looking.

As I mention in the video, the adorable Subwow melted my heart this week with her post on being homesick.  (Read it. It’s just lovely.)  Which of course made ME twenty-seven flavors of homesick, too.  And while I’m going to Virginia next week, it’s just not quite the same.



Happy Friday and MFBT!!


  1. oh sweetpea, you can order cheap moving boxes online or several movers will provide them. pregnant people shouldn’t be dumpster diving!

    are your boobs getting some kind of crazy big or what!

    i’m bugginsick. miss you.

  2. Speak up, I can’t hear you!!! Seriously, my speakers are broken and I can’t hear you. This does not make for a good Friday. I’m like a crack head with no crack. It could get ugly!

  3. You are adorable. And I’m not just saying that because of your ever growing boobs.

    Hang in there. Tis the season for homesickness. It too will pass.

    PS – How much Vicodin did you give Mildred?

  4. Clear garbage bags. For all your clothes/towels/linens/etc. Clear so you can see what’s inside them. If you get movers, they will probably show up with some boxes in their truck. They’ll dump your bags in their boxes, move them, then you just take the bags out at the destination and they take the boxes away. If you’re moving yourself, why are you doing that????!!!?? and you can just pick up the bags and move them as is.

  5. You gave Mildred that Ativan I turned down, didn’t you?

    (What IS it with people’s obsession about your boob growth?)

  6. There is no way to look at you where you are not adorable. Is that even correct English? I would heart you if only you had not stolen my heart already. Homesickness is a state of my mind and right now my state of mind is with you, or the lack of you.

  7. I am officially requesting that you sing My Old Kentucky Home! It always makes me cry……….and singing it would make you twitch. *giggle*

    That was a beautiful rendition. I think I may have to hug you extra in 4 weeks!!!! (excessive exclamations brought on by sheer excitement)

  8. If I had Aladdin’s lamp for only a day, I’d wisk you off to wherever you wanted to go to nourish your heart and soul. Then I’d give you a lot of boxes and wisk you back, because it would probably be time to feed the cat by then.

  9. Well, dumpster diving probably is good exercise but wow you must have a way better sense of balance than I ever did pregnant. I’d still be in the dumpster. Which wouldn’t be totally bad because I’d get out of packing. I hope the move goes well and thanks for the lovely song, which we also learned here in the Northeast for some reason. Probably just to let us know that there are things a lot finer than waking up in the morning to blizzards and ice storms.

  10. Now I’m all weepy, homesick lady, but I have so many places I call home that my mind can’t focus on one without jumping to the next so I end up as weepy, homesick, psychotic lady. Meds, plz?

    And shouldn’t Rocco be the dumpster diver in the family at least during gestation? That guy has a Youicorn horn with which to spear boxes aplenty.

  11. You are more adorable than ever!!!

    Now, did you not get the memo on pregnancy milking? or the new “three-tri” no packing rule…which extends at least one year after giving birth?

    Someone’s head is going to roll for not getting those to you!

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