Ukeing Around

Dude.  It’s mother fucking booze time, but more on that later.

So I went and recorded this silly little song and did my usual upload thing only to find that Balls (of the famous Rocky and Balls) also has a cover of this ditty on YouTube that frickin’ rocks my socks off.  But I’m too lazy to do another song today.  Because I didn’t really practice one.  And I’m sort of running out of time with all I need to accomplish today.

And I have a sibling’s birthday to celebrate.  Hence the mother fucking booze time.

So here’s this week’s uke-itude.  I’m so terribly sorry.


  1. Oh my god, if we ever meet not in a creepy stalky way, I am going to totally raid your t-shirt collection. I love the unicorn and this shirt too. Where the hell do you shop?

    I lurv you.

    1. i can’t decide if i like this tshirt or the “i hate you” tee better. but clearly elly rock’s the tee and the uke better than anyone. motherfucking adoraballs!

  2. reminds me of:

    When I get older losing my hair,
    Many years from now.
    Will you still be sending me a valentine
    Birthday greetings bottle of wine….

    you did quite well. re-record AFTER mother fucking booze time and it will be awesomer. I promise.

  3. Motherfuckingboozetime is my absolute favoritest time of day! Happy Birthday Thommy. Hope someone bought you a Whory McLovin’ Happy meal. (Supersize, of course)

  4. Motherfuckin’ Lemonheads songs? Actually, that’s a decent one and I’ve been known to play it on the guitar on occasion although not nearly so sweetly.

    Maybe we need to officially change “Friday” to Mother fuckin’ booze day” for real. All over the English speaking world. Have it on calendars and everything so we constantly have to say things like, “Can you do a conference call this motherfuckin’ booze day at 9am?” and “Oh! Christmas falls on motherfuckin’ booze day this year!” I’d pay money just to hear my mom use those words.

  5. How you could think this wasn’t motherfuckin booze time awesome is beyond me.
    In my excitement I watched it surrounded by offspring who are now manically screaming that it’s booze time on decibel ten directly in each others face.
    Our house thinks Elly rocks.

    1. The entire little freshman group who are friends with Drama Queen look forward to Fridays because it’s the day I allow them to watch the Uke videos on Elly’s blog (Motherfuckingthanks, Elly ROFLMFAO!!!!) Elly is a huge hit with all of them!! Also, Drama Queen has pointed out that she has no doubt when I do get together with all of you, since she reads the comments on Friday’s too, that we will probably leave some poor city in total chaos and disrepair. Bwahahaha

  6. Isn’t it always MOTHERFUCKINBOOZETIME? No, just me. Just me in my bozzey world.

    The crowd goes wild, people are picking their nose’s, others are hanging around eating boogers. Scrubbing their dirty knees….

    Okay, I’ll stop because I’m turning your fantastic performance into some kind of dirty fetish porn movie.

    1. It’s basically always motherfuckingbooze time. Unless it was motherfuckingbooze time until really late the night before. Then it’s motherfuckinggrilledcheeseandafountainsoda time.

  7. Admitting your carpet is grubby from bein’ around is the first step to recovery!

    Love this song! And, again, picking the songs that make you happiest really shines through!

    You are a double helping of adoraballs with extra awesome sauce!

    Never change!

  8. once again you have melted my cold dead heart with cuteness overload! i heart that song and your shirt kicks ass.

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