Ukeing After Midnight

Someday I’m going to pick a song that’s not miserably high.  Not this week, though.  This song is higher than cone-kitty.

Speaking of cone-kitty, she’s my excuse for this week’s video.  I was going to sing “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” but there’s a lot of whistling in that song and Mildred and doesn’t like whistling.  So I didn’t do it.  For the kitten.  You can thank her later.

More props to the ever sexy Ry from For The Birds for the bee-yoo-tea-full brooches.  They compliment Herbert quite nicely.

Oh and ’cause it’s my birthday tomorrow, I have to include my new favorite birthday song performed by a some wickedly talented and fashionable dudes.  It never gets old.  Unlike me.  As exhibited by that birthday thing.  The end.


  1. Oops. I looked at both of them.

    What a nice treat for a Friday morning. I’m talking about the music. Sheesh.

    There was just a bit of nice smokiness in your voice on that one.

    I love me some Patsy Cline. Now I’ll have that song in my head all day, and that’s okay. Looking forward to “Me and Julio.”

    Have you figured out how we’re going to record our duet?

    1. It’s called allergies. Or phlegm. Whichever is sexier.

      I haven’t figured out to record skype yet, but you could always record a video and send it to me, then I can record a separate one along side and try to harmonize with your sexy self and smash ’em together. Maybe. This is all very hypothetical but I HAVE been practicing. Just not this week. And maybe not the last one either. *sigh*

  2. I thought you were going to work on kodachrome….

    I wish you many happy returns of your birthday, having just had mine I am in the position of passing them on to you.

    P.S. that is a nice breasticle area on which the also not so bad broaches are attached.

  3. Gawd, I had an uncle who looked just like that ugly shit in the vest and tie — the video was like seeing him come to life again. Not pleasant.

    But I hope you have an ultra-fabulous pleasant birthday tomorrow, with unicorns galore!

  4. Okay, so my Aunt Kat had a massive love for Patsy Cline and that was her favorite song! So that pretty much makes this my favorite so far, by default. Mainly because Aunt Kat was full of the awesome! As in totally badass. Happy early birthday. And happy late birthday, too. That will make sense, later.

  5. those boobs, i mean brooches, do look fab with herbert!

    sending you magical fairies, boxes of franzia and smooches for your birthday, baby girl. hope all of your birthday wishes come true. xoxoxo

  6. i like to imagine you are walking around after midnight searching for me, but in all reality it is ass freezing cold out here, so please don’t.

    i love fridays, and it’s all because of you.


    1. Seeing as how I hate the cold, you might have to find a different stalker. Herbert and I don’t like it when the temp drops below 60.

  7. You have other blog posts that we haven’t hijacked? I’m outta touch, you’re outta time, but I’m outta my head when you’re not around. Happy birthday, sunshine. Treat yourself to something special.

  8. Weeping willows are such drama queens! But I’ll cut them some slack this time because it’s tears of joy at your birthday! Or, they’re crying because, like me, they were all about the birthday song until the cake blew up.

    Seriously. Do not let me catch anyone blowing up cake. Just don’t.

    1. I’m counting the seconds until I finally get my cake this evening. It won’t have time to blowup before I eat the whole thing. Yummers.

  9. Yay, more Uke!
    Have a wonderful birthday, give Mildred a kiss and make Rocco play “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images as soon as you wake up to homemade custard pie!
    I’m not sure why I picked custard.


    You’re gorgeous. And you sing. I have the voice of a dying badger with a receding hairline and two left feet, but I can make a mean pineapple upside down surprise pot roast casserole cake. YUM.

  11. That’s my go to karaoke song. Very nicely done. As for the phlegm…I say work with it..remember Phoebe on friends and her smelly cat song? Remember when she got a cold and sounded sexy? Work with it girl!!

  12. Happy birthday sweetie pie. It is only befitting that your birthday falls on the same day of John Lennon’s. You are both talented with gorgeous spirits and big hearts. And, to risk my life, I’ll say that I think you are much better looking and your spouse seems to be less bitchy. 😉

    Have lots of action with and without “Your Action”. I can’t really play any instrument or sing (other than Wicked Game) or cook. So I will offer to show you my boobies. I am so glad I’m the first one to offer you this HERE on your birthday. Because if it’s already been done, I would have run out of talents. Oh oh oh. I can record me saying “No worries” for your answering machine. Like Carl Kasell.

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!! You are the best Ukuelele playing, cone kitty loving gal on the interwebz. And I’m not just saying it because you’re the only one. YOU ROCK!

  14. You are AWESOME on that thing, and so cute.

    I played guitar everyday for 6 years, mandolin for a bit, but damn, you make me want a uke really bad.

    Happiest, happiest of birthdays, lovely lil lady!!

    1. Aw, thanks! I play the uke because guitars are hard. I’ve never tried a mandolin. I feel like you have to wear a poofy-sleeved shirt when you play the mandolin. Is that true?

      1. I think it is, and I broke the rules of Mandolining.
        I know a poofy sleeved shirt, a rawhide vest & a mustache like that guy from the princess bride would have made me the star I wanted to be.

        Guitars are hard, and partly because they’re so much bigger. I love the fun size & the sound of the uke.

  15. I love your Walking After Mignight arrangement. You have got it girl. You better start writing some songs and performing them. And the tradition lives on!!! What style you have! I expect a recording soon.
    Love you

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