Uke Shook Me All Night Long

These just get weirder and weirder, don’t they?  One really shouldn’t be allowed to uke while medicated.

Shout out to Nicole for my awesome new t-shirt even if I forgot to say anything in the video itself.  Blame my rudeness on the Dayquil, darling.  It’s a magnificent shirt and tight enough to double as a bra.  Thanks, oodles.

In other news, I finally made a BugginWord Channel on YouTube.  I know, you’re vibrating with excitement, right?  If you’re so inclined, you can subscribe here.

Have a rockin’ weekend, Interwebz.  Crap.  It’s Halloween weekend, isn’t it.  Just pretend I did that in costume, k?


  1. Shit.

    Don’t think we didn’t see that wink. “made a meal outta me…” You sly bug.

    Once again, awesome. It’s no Single Ladies, but I understand you have to be on your A-Game for that.

  2. There’s nothing like a girl in a tight “Ride the S.L.U.T.” shirt singing ACDC to make my weekend start with a swing! And I’m not even into girls! SO go on with your bad, sick self. Also, you managed to make that song palatable, which I thought was impossible. Well done! Part of me wishes you’d donned the school uniform.

    Also I don’t know if you noticed but that might be a dirty song! Really!

  3. I don’t usually use emoticons when I can avoid it, but I think this one expresses how I feel right now: \m/

    Did I do it right?

    I swear, that cold is making your voice better every week. Please keep failing to wash your hands and walking through sneeze clouds.

    There’s a bluegrass band called Hogwaller Ramblers from where I used to live in VA who did a nice cover of this song.

    1. Thou art the most metal-eth. Ever-eth.

      Mmm Virginia. I miss it. And saying Hogwaller on a regular basis. It’s almost as much fun as palatable.

  4. “uke while medicated” are we doing a Nick Cage thing today where that is code and the second piece of the secret message is “vibrating with excitement” thus sending us on a wild goose chase when what we were really looking for was the “national treasure” on your shirt? Yeah I think I need some of those meds, pass em over.

  5. Ahhh, Friday. I didn’t think you could actually get any more damn cute. But that? That song you did right there? Made me melt into my chair. (Honestly, it didn’t have “anything” to do with your shirt, I swear.)

    I’d say get better soon, but your chops are off the charts when your on meds…. Cheers lovely!

    1. Aww shucks. In that case, I sure hope you scotch-guarded your seat fabric. In other news, I recently found out hydrogen peroxide gets out anything.

      1. I desperately want/need one of those shirts!!! It is incredibley awesome. Obviously, you have a lot to do with the awesome level. Still, it rocks, as do you my darling friend. This is the first time I can remember enjoying this song!!!

  6. Here’s what amazes me — you have a cold and feel like shit and STILL rock the uke with song? Love it.

    PS. We could totally duet on that one. I can play it on the keyboard. But you hafta sing. Cold or no cold, my voice . . . uh, no.

  7. If this is you feeling poopie, then I can’t wait to see thew S.L.U.T. version. So, so cute. And perfect to go with my Only Songs That Rock weekend, which coincidentally, begins today.

  8. You’ve knocked me out with your American thighs once again.
    I love shirts that are so tight that they can suspend your boobies without a bra.
    I’m not really sure what the hell I would do if I didn’t have a new uke performance every Friday. kisses and cuddles.

  9. littleb says “she is great”. He also says, “she is my friend, too!”. He wants to know where you are going and can he “come”, too. Yeah, felt no need to explain that. That was fantastic, particularly for a sick person. Hope you feel better.

  10. I used to have a girl crush on you. Now? I want to leave my husband for you. You are fucking hot, even on cold meds.
    I love you.
    That is all.

  11. When are you taking this super amazing show on the road? San Francisco LOVES a girl with nice boobies and a tight SLUT emblazoned t-shirt.

    Feel better. I’m suffering the same dreadful illness, although I’m off the cold meds for now because I know I would totally walk out the house in my pajamas and drive my kids to Nebraska and forget them there.

  12. YOU shook ME all night long! i love that song, and you singing it may be my favorite ever! and that shirt rocks my face off.

  13. Glad I’m just seeing this now! I needed a little heavy metal uke (and some American thighs) to start the morning off right!

    Now I’ve got to go meet some fellow body-rubbers for lunch. Non-blogging, non-uke playing body-rubbers.

    Feel better Ellykins!

  14. I have to confess at this point that I almost never load videos on blogs. I don’t have the attention span-while they’re buffering, I get bored and click on another link.

    I do support that Tshirt though, which I can see in the unloaded video window.

    Maybe I’ll come back and watch all your videos on your youtube channel. cause there’s less distracting things to click on.

  15. I can’t get over how talented and slutty you are!!!

    I am really jealous.

    I have no talents. Or at least none that any one would care to experience in video.

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