Uke Rhymes With Puke

Because I’m off gallivanting with all kinds of crazy chick bloggers and probably beyond hungover, I’m cheating.  I recorded this yesterday to post today.  That sentence confuses me, see, cause I’m typing this yesterday, though technically it’s still today for me, and you’ll read this tomorrow.  What?

Before I wrote that last sentence, I was convinced this video was the meanest thing I could do to you.  I stand corrected.  Technically I sit corrected.  Which is probably for the best since I’m not wearing any pants right now…or yesterday…dear God make it end.


  1. If you wanna keep that No-Pants thing going for you, I think you should to check out Club Pacha’s “No Pants Party” with Tommy Sunshine. They make you check your pants at the door. But if you aren’t wearing pants to begin with, I think you should win a door prize. It’s only fair.

  2. Omg. You are just too cute. Are you know taking request. With a Puke Uke, can you play Tiny Bubbles by: Dan Ho? In addition have Rocco in a grass skirt hula dance in the back ground? Oh c’mon. Where is the fun in all this?


  3. Elly! I love these Herb vids. Truly. My hands are too small to play guitar, but now I am thinkig a uke should be in my future. However, I’ll be banging away on the keyboard until I get decent at it (which =s forever).

    So rock on, sister!

    1. It’s SOO much easier than a guitar. Do it. You can get one of the cheap mahalos for a whopping $30 on amazon. They come in lime green! I sort of want to start building up a uke collection of my own, frankly. I wonder if they make a sparkly unicorn uke.

  4. you are afuckingdorable! i’m going to lick you hard when i see you tomorrow. and what’s with all the talent? i count three now. writing, drawing and uking. howsabout you share the wealth, sista?

    1. In case I haven’t said it 417 times yet, I’m madly in love with you. Apocalypse is sitting in a place of honor, right next to Herbert.

  5. Remind me never to sit on your chairs when I visit…

    great ukaleling though. My daughter has two, I keep thinking that maybe I should find out what each string should be tuned to, and then find a chord chart. But then she doesn’t really care.

  6. My Gawd girl, you got a real sweet voice on you! And (oooh, toes curling) you play the UKE??? My son is the only person I know who plays the Uke – whoohoo! (Nah, course I’m not showing him this, he’s far too young and tender for me to allow to fall under your spell, at 18, and with his raging hormones, it might seriously screw him up for life.. )

  7. You failed hugely in your attempt to disgust and scare anyone away! You were great! Beautious! And thank you for staying seated.

    1. Pants are so overrated. Plus they really slow me down seeing as how I pee every fourteen minutes. ‘Cause I know you really wanted to know how often I pee. I’m going to stop talking now.

  8. HA! Despite my Reader woes guess what entry I DIDN’T miss?!

    You even got the key change in there. You’re just the music man. Woman. Music meister. I can’t wait to get uking myself (new verb, I invented it) and inflict my uke poison on the world. Or myself, whichever. I’m shy.

    You weren’t at all like Rod Stewart. I believe you sang on key and lack a penis.

    I just now realized that I’m not at all convinced Rod has one either… He just IS one.

    1. Uking?!? Hells to the yeah! Did they find the sparkly blue one? Is it on? I’m having trouble staying seated with this much excitement happening. Also, still not wearing pants.

      You summed up all that is Rod the Rod quite nicely.

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