Uke Me To The Moon

Is there anything worse than looking like you feel?  Well, I suppose when you feel like shit, smelling like you feel isn’t real great either.  Which brings us to this week’s ukulele video.  Enjoy Isabella while you can, because she’s getting hard to hold with my ever expanding situation.

I am SO having the best week ever.  *grumble*  Can one of you get drunk for me?  Thanks.


  1. I scratched and sniffed my screen and I couldn’t smell anything bad. You could never stink. Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thanks! My wife has requested that I remove my picture from my Gravatar for fear of internet stalkers. Apparently, the prosthetic forehead that I am wearing is not enough.

  2. Aw honey you sound sick yet still adorable. And this made me all happy in my happy place. No, not THAT happy place, slut, my happy heart place. FEEL BETTER! I hear in 18 months or so you will be almost getting some sleep again. 🙂

    1. What omawarisan said.
      Nothing soothes the savage beast like a beautiful song at bedtime.
      Also, I’m sorry I wasn’t here to comment right away. I was spending my time on the hill dressed in battle fatigues hoping to avoid a government shut down.
      Using only the power of my mind and the ever present threat of my axe I believe I have helped the country avoid this disaster.

  3. I really want some Elly’s adorable baby bump pics stat. And I totally had several lemon drop martinis for you last night (which explains my sluggish brain and undereye circles this morning). Hope this next week is better. Big squishy kisses and hugs from me.


  4. Oh babe, I want to wrap you up in glittery blankets woven of the softest unicorn hair. But as I can’t do that from all the way over here, I will suck down the last of the bottle of Sav Blanc from the fridge and start slurring, just for you.

  5. You are completely adorable. Possibly more so when you aren’t feeling well and I have an overwhelming desire to cook you chicken soup and bring you great literature to curl up with.

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