Uke From Impanema

Happy New Year (almost)!  We’re going to ride 2011 like the unicorn we never had, right Interwebz?!?  Right?!?!?

I need more caffeine, too.

But my black eyed peas are stewing, my collard greens are in the crisper, and my cast iron skillet is curing.  Feel free to come on out to Hoboken tomorrow afternoon and enjoy a traditional Southern New Years meal. I’ve got homemade raspberry preserves and everything!

Then you should probably flee.  Immediately.  Because I don’t see how a room full of hungover people consuming large quantities of beans can possibly end well.

Yes, I’m stalling.  I don’t love today’s video but I don’t have time to re-record it. If you don’t like it, blame Aunt Sharon.  I let her decide which version to use.  (Hi Share Bear!)


I’ll do better next year.  Pinky swears.

Happy Mother Fucking Booze Time cum New Years Eve Extravangaza-itude, bitches.


  1. 1) I hope you were sincere about that invite, because we totally might possibly come over, but only if there will be Rose Bowl on TV and port-wine cheese spread.
    2) FINALLY. Never trust a couple of men to get a video camera delivery done in a timely manner. Better late than never, I suppose. I guess that those who delegate should not complain.

  2. Okay, you’re adorable and all, but now I’m going to have that fucking song stuck in my head all week…..

    On the other hand, I’ve spent the past week in the wasteland where the Internets are too slow to stream video, and I’m awfully glad to be able to watch today’s ukelele time.

    Happy Motherfucking Booze Time to you and Rocco!

  3. Tall and tan, curvaceous and lovely, the Uke named Ithabella, comes strumming…

    What and appropriate song for such a sultry Uke. Nice caboose too! Herbert is one lucky fella.

    Happy Motherfuckinboozeyear!

  4. I am ringing in my new year with the beginnings of a cold that The Boyfriend kindly passed on to me, a turkey dinner and cheap champagne.

    This video was the best part of my NYE. Have always loved this song because it simply FEELS like summer to me. Love you performing it just as much. I feel warm and happy now!

  5. I love this and I would have chosen the very same one!
    Have a happy New Year and remember not to fire up your rocket boots to blast into the stratosphere until all flammable gases have wafted away.

  6. I like this version. Thank for the song and Happy New Year to you and yours. And I too see noxious gas in your future.

  7. Happy M’fing New Year from Roma!
    Eilat and I loved the vid, and we’ll be a little late for those southern vittles, but we’re a’coming.

  8. Well my lap top speakers died today so you and Ithabella were more eye candy than ear candy today. But either way you gave me a little smile and a rather warm, if a tad confusing, feeling inside. Happy new years lovely lady of the uke.

  9. Aw it’s so sweet! Isabella purrs like a kitten. Although, talking of cats, you’re a big pussy for making the song about a boy and not the original “girl”. NO BASTARDIZATION OF SONGS! Get some controversy going! Yeah!

    It was nice to see Elly in HD though. Now you can’t hide any blemishes from us EVER. Mwuhahahaha! Shame you never have any…

    OK I admit it, I’ve had too much sugar.

  10. you, my dear Elly, in high definition makes my heart go pitter patter. and is it weird that i want to lick Isabella? too far? not far enough? i thought so. 😉

    HAPPY 2011!

  11. That’s my favorite song ever. I once had the good fortune of having an Italian and a Brazilian seranade me with that song (oh because they wanted to make me cry in public). You are getting better and better: singing and playing. And now with the shiny slick Isabella there is no stopping you!

    Happy new year sweetie!!!!! Thank you for the song, the memory, and for the backside shot! 🙂

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