Uke and Julio Down By the Schoolyard

This is the fastest and sloppiest uke video in the history of all uke videos.  I have a good reason, but it’s a long story and I don’t have time to tell it to you.


So this is Deb’s fault because she said something earlier about one and half wandering jews (which PS is about Carrie Fisher – did you know that?) and put Paul Simon in my brain.  Then this happened.

Yeah, I’m sorry, too.

Now I’m going to eat a banana.  And no, there’s nothing dirty about that, sadly.


  1. I’ll tell you what’s against the law! Having choppers that white. How do you get them so gleaming?
    Happy Friday and prepare yourself for world domination.

  2. a new Elly uke video? shut the front door! this just made my day. imma watch it again. you are so effin’ cute.

  3. Yes, yes I did. I also knew that uptown girl was about Christie Brinkley.

    I’ll have a banana in your honor.

  4. I curse my work for blocking streaming! I love this song 🙂 Though it makes me sad, I love anything that moves me. Can’t wait to see it when they unshackle me for the day!

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