Uke-a-by Baby

I know.  I don’t uke for nearly two months and I come back with a lulla-frickin-by?!?

AND you don’t practice before recording the video?

You know what?  Baby.  Baby that doesn’t like ukuleles.  *sigh*  Just look at the awesome new t-shirt instead.  That’s the perfect distraction.

And here’s a blast of holiday spirit for you.  The good kind.  Watch this and not smile I triple-dog-dare you.

Happy Friday, bitches.


  1. You still freaking adorable. Love the lullabye. But what do you mean baby doesn’t like the ukelele?? Tell him his politics are highly suspect now. I’m pretty sure that terrorist babies don’t like ukeleles either.

    Love the dancing guy. We have this old dude in the town near us who dances everywhere to music only he can hear. Okay, actually the music comes from an actual walkman on his waist. That’s right, a walkman. Dude does it old school. He dances everywhere- even while crossing the street. I love that guy.

    Happy Friday. Smooches.


    1. We have a guy like that near us except he wears a stained trenchcoat with thermal underwear and punches the air while waving a stick.

  2. I was seriously frightened that the guy in the video had seen me in the kitchen last night when that song came on, and was mocking me.

    Note to self: Close the blinds when doing the dishes with the radio on.

    Also? Happy MFUT (MotherFuckingUkeTime) Pookie

  3. Goddamn, I love you. And I love this song. As did Bubs, who actually curled up next to me on the chair and watched you. And, if you knew the tiny beast, you too would be amazed by this.
    I have to witty remark as my sarcasm and snark are currently on hiatus due to all the aww and the small boy child cuddles. So, thanks for that. Like, truly.

  4. Beautiful lullaby! It’s a John Denver song, isn’t it? I know he recorded it so I assume he wrote it too.

    Hey Elly, know what? When I was in Honolulu in November, I had a free ukulele lesson! My favourite note was C because it only requires one finger on the fret and I could remember it. Anything more complex was beyond me. I have new respect now for anyone who can actually play the ukulele!

  5. I LOVE THE LULLABY! (and totally didn’t mean to shout there!) How can Paul actually be yours if he loathes ukes? Are you sure there wasn’t some Lifetime movie-esque switch at the hospital? I am sure he will grow into them. Babies! I ask you.

    Also? The shirt? ROCKING! A bit like the BAND Status Quo. (only not because ugh!) The band, not the shirt, which is awesome.

  6. Have I told you I would follow you anywhere? Well, actually not quite anywhere, but you are starting to have a real impact on my life: I am about to buy my two and a half year old grandson a uke. (any suggestions would be gratefully accepted). And I am 100 pages into Shantaram. I’m trying really hard not to offer to nurse strange babies.

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