I’m now officially a twit.  I have yet to decide how I really feel about it.  I think it’s slow, glitchy, and awkward.  I think the search function is for shit.  I think Facebook is a far better tool.  I think I’m a lemming and I’m trying it anyway.  If my big brother is doing it, I guess I have to.  I can’t have him being more culturally connected than I am!  A girl’s gotta have her pride!  Here’s an excerpt of our Twitter convo which finally pushed me over the edge:

BrotherWord: so different track – do you use twitter?
BugginWord: it’s on my list to do
BugginWord: you sucked in yet?
BugginWord: i’d like to know, is the past tense of twit, twat?  ‘cause then i’m kinda into it
BrotherWord: I’m looking to see if we could use it to replace our pagers for emergency response…
BugginWord: oh way to suck the fun out of it
BrotherWord: Hmmmmmm “I twatted you yesterday” sounds a bit off-putting
BugginWord: says you!
BugginWord: can you re-tweet me?  i didn’t get twat you said.
BrotherWord: I twat I saw a Twitter Tat!

Seriously though, how cute is he?  My brothers are adorable.  And before you go getting all disgusting – I love my brothers, I don’t LOVE my brothers.  We’re southern but we ain’t that southern.

So the moral of the story is I’ve gone to the dark side.  Let’s tweet.  Find me here.