Tomato Man

Nothing has gone as planned this week. And that’s ok. Because I just found out there’s a local liquor store that delivers. So even when all plans go awry, there’s hope!

Wait. I feel an inspiration poster coming on…

I know. I’ve missed my calling, haven’t I?

Where were we? Right. Nothing going quite as planned this week. For example, I didn’t plan to stay up to all hours writing another piece about Alex and Michael.

Nor did I mean to drink an entire pot of coffee the following morning and spending the entire day twitching uncontrollably and running for the loo.

And I certainly didn’t intend to forsake the song I’m currently obsessed with and instead slap together a medley of kid interruptions.

But it made me giggle. So I thought it might make YOU giggle. And maybe you also were in desperate need of a giggle this week.

So this is as good as it gets. I hope it makes you smile. And that you, too, can find a liquor store that delivers.

If you’d like to hear the Avett Brothers perform this in full glory, you can see it here. That’s probably a better use of your time, in fact. You can still drink a beer while watching them. I promise.