Today (or the Euphemism Song)

I’m posting this video even though I’m a smidge nervous.

Ya see, today’s song was requested by one of my YouTube peeps.  Which means he/she/they/it don’t read the blog.  Which means he/she/they/it probably doesn’t realize my mind basically resides in the gutter.  Which means he/she/they/it might not like to hear that I think John Denver might have hidden his inner freaky sex kitten behind those bang-framed doe eyes.

But c’mon.  If a stranger in a bar offered to “taste my strawberries” or “drink my sweet wine,” I’d toss a drink in his face.  If that drink was water.  Because this girl does NOT waste drinks.

And because some days you just can’t possibly have enough uke, here’s an adorable video sent to me by one of the single most adorable people on the planet – Karen.  So.  Effing.  Cute.

The end.  Now, since it is MFBT, you go on and taste your own sweet wine.



  1. Hey! Thanks for saying I’m cute!!! And sorry I’m so freakin’ late to this party. Sigh. Story of my summer, I tell ya.

    The singer on the left is my children’s violin instructor, an amazing musician who always has a few gigs on the go. I’m gonna hafta rush over there and tell her you’ve given her the big hello, even if I am about, oh, a bazillion years late. Welcome, my dear Ellie, to motherhood. Nothing happens in a timely fashion ever again, I believe.

    Listen. I want to warn you (but in a good way) that Paul going to have the best style when he calls bullshit on you … (I moronically taught my kids the word hypocritical, as in “gee mom, that sounds kind of hypocritical”, which I now hear all the time.) So … you’d better be ready. *cue maniacal laughter*

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