This Week’s Tweets

  • Looking just lovely, Hoboken. #
  • Food just tastes better outside. And when someone else does the cooking. And when it's fried. #
  • Hard drive go boom. Again. Now my Liz Phair is all gone and I'm left with only Pink Floyd. I made need a better system of music storage. #
  • Call it the quarter of a century itch. — AHHHnold and MariAHHH SepAHHHrating @sprocketink #
  • As if you need another reason to watch the Tony Awards on June 12, my #1 non-sexual crush @actuallynph is hosting. Yum. #
  • Turns out the parasite DOES have a tentacle. It's a boy. And possibly a future drag queen. #
  • Oh. I sprocketed. Not while I wa getting probed or anything. Speaking of aliens…. @sprocket ink #
  • "There's no crying in baseball." Unless you count me realizing that there are still 127 more Yankees games this season. #


  1. Congrats on the tentacle, I had one of those swimming around in me for the better part of a year. I would knit something for you, but I’m not sure what the future drag queens are wearing this season. Oh, and I don’t knit.

  2. What do you get future drag queens? Sparkly red baby shoes! I’ll send you some when the tentacled parasite makes his appearance!

    You know he’s going to go “ta-da” as he shoots out of your vagina, right??


  3. I have been singing “Fuck and Run” all week long. This is too Twilight Zone. No? Liz Phair parallel universe, I’ll see you there!

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