This Week’s Tweets

  • Nothing makes me feel classier than sharpie-ing up my shoes for a night on the town. #
  • Should you need a Bin Laden break – Might Be a Little Douchey, But It's Natural. @MakesFun #
  • Why am I still surprised to see my husband get all emotional over a Miley Cyrus movie? Better question, why are we watching this movie? #
  • I can't decide if I'm outraged our depressed. Maybe both. — #
  • "Boil beans in water until soft." How hard can that be? *cue explosion* #Shouldn #039;tBeAllowedToCook #
  • Cinco de Mayo! My kingdom for a margarita. I wonder if Kate Middleton thinks twice before using that phrase these days… #
  • Barack isn't the only one sporting the smooth moves in the White House — @sprocketink #
  • …and then I was quoted in the same article as Jake Shimabukuro and Julia Nunes. Squee! via @washingtonpost #


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my two favorite mommies-to-be!!

    I love your tweets. They’re little sparkly bits of Elly goodness.


  2. Thank you! I finally know I’m not the only one who uses sharpies in my shoe-care regiment.

    P.S. I know it’s kinda early but I’m gonna wish you a happy mother’s day, okay? Brace yourself…


    Happy Mother’s Day!

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