This week’s tweets

  • Makes my heart hurt. RT @EthanZohn: My cancer is back. But it has no chance. Together we will destroy this monster. #
  • Left the house in sandals AND carrying a white purse. Gasp! The HORROR! #
  • Sadness. RT @LIVESTRONG: Actor and musician Patrick Swayze passed away today from pancreatic cancer at age 57. #
  • Coltrane makes my head hurt whether I’ve had caffeine or not. No me gusta. #
  • Adding shouting on soap box to related skills section of resume. #
  • – Sure fire way to improve my mood? Brussel sprouts at the farmers ma rket. #
  • I figured it out!!! Suck THAT chemo brain! Now doing David Lee Roth kicks all over the living room. #
  • Thinking about getting a tattoo on my arm that says “Baby.” Then another one that just says “Hey.” Maybe I’ll even get a ’57 Chevrolet. #
  • My very first live music performance was Peter, Paul and Mary. Sad to loose you, Mary Travers. #
  • I’m going to fight blood cancers by participating in Light the Night in NYC on Oct. 15th. Who wants to join my team? #
  • Snuck into Oprah taping in Central Park. Do I go with the “imma let you finish but Donohue had the best talk show of all time” or “you lie?” #
  • OH “It’s Mariah that’s the problem.” Isn’t she always? #
  • – I think this stall should have had an “out of order” sign. #
  • There’s a blood donation collection center in Port Authority? #
  • Some dude on the bus to Jersey is so drunk he can’t stop talking about his chinchilla. He can, however, use “phonetically” in a sentence. #
  • – Look what I found struggling to grow wild in the ‘boken. I heart snap dragons. #
  • I just drooled onto my keyboard. Caffeine or back to bed? #
  • What does one wear to a midget burlesque mexican wrestling event? I’m guessing something that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned… #
  • Just had a last minute cancellation…any want to join us at Lucha Vavoom tonight? 7pm show. #
  • It’s moments like these that make me wish I did recreational drugs. #

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