This Week’s Tweets

  • I'm pretty sure @GingerMandy and her Grape Seed Oil have changed my life. #
  • I Pity The Fool Without This Plate. No seriously. It's on sale. Please someone hide my credit card. @craftastrophe #
  • Catch Me If You Can tonight! Again I mean the show. That's not an invitation to chase me down Broadway with pitchforks and water balloons. #
  • I believe very strongly in starting each day with a balanced breakfast. *peels paper backing off peanut butter cup* #
  • I wrote a news piece. Sort of. Just pretend Brian Williams is reading it to you, k? cc @sprocketink #
  • Between the fist fight with flying weaves on 9th ave and the falling construction materials on 8th ave I'm ready to go hide in Jersey. #
  • Charity and a bargain! Here's a 30% off coupon for Gap/Banana/OldNavy. 5% of what you spend goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Do it. #
  • I like the girls with the boom. #
  • Holy crap! Get me a tiara! RT @atyoursvc #FF @TheBloggess and @bugginword are seriously 2 of the funniest women on the interwebz. #
  • OK Moon, I'm here. Dazzle me. #


  1. I bet you think I came over here to smut up this perfectly pristine post with more Tenacious D songs but you would be wrong!
    Not even that big ass moon looming forbiddingly over the entire District of Columbia could get my mind off the just under two foot surprise.
    I’m going insane.

      1. You know I can’t wait that long right? I’m not going to make it.
        Okay, mind over matter.
        It’s the tiny carriage with rollerskate wheels pulled by mice on steroids.
        p.s. did you see sparkle boy on Leno last week?

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