This Week’s Tweets

  • Say, I haven't done a@craftastrophe in a while. Good thing I just can't pass up crocheted Star Wars stuff — #
  • Yet again I'm at Qdoba, thinking it'll be Chipolte, but it never is. Sigh. #
  • Manhattan, that color looks lovely on you. #
  • I like Vitamin D. A lot. Like…alotta lot. #
  • Sometimes you just have to walk 20 blocks out of the way for cheesecake. #
  • I've yet to find confirmation that cheesecake and an apple are a "complete breakfast." I haven't found anything saying they aren't either. #
  • "…in the sliver of sunshine she stole from me." @avapidblonde rips my heart out with her beauty. Follow that bitch, damnit. #FF #
  • Just bought my tix to see @actuallynph in the NYC Philharmonic's Sondheim's Company: So excited I just might piddle. #
  • Because @hellachella made me laugh so hard I tinkled. #FF #
  • Oh and follow @erinisfordorks, too. Because I'm pretty sure she knows the difference between it's and its. But I don't, so I can't be sure. #
  • It's not even 10am and already there's a flock of drunk 20-somethings giggling and screaming under my window. Must be St. Patty's. #Hoboken #
  • Dear drunks I don't know – Stop trying to hug me. Also? Brush your teeth. #


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