This Week’s Tweets

  • Just one more reason to love Betty White – When asked what she does with her free time, she answered, "Vodka's kind of a hobby." #
  • Now they're travelling in pairs… #
  • I can't decide if this is more or less frightening than the original. — The Real Black Swan #
  • This one was waiting to ambush me… #
  • And this one? It mooned me! #
  • Seriously? One of you is messing with me, aren't you? #
  • Why is it that every time I eat a piece of bread while in public I look like I've just had my teeth re-grouted? #
  • It's official. Showering without a front door is somewhat disconcerting. #
  • Waiting for Rocco to get out of his harness so I can start the pizza. Just another typical Friday night in Hoboken. #
  • When I was 13, Die Hard 2 seemed like a quality flick. Now, not so much. #
  • Mildred likes to climb inside the dishwasher and recreate Justin Timberlake videos. #

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