This Week’s Tweets

  • I'm a corn holer. No wait…holder. There's definitely a unicorn involved. #
  • Oh goodie. It's snowing again. My favorite. *grumble* #
  • Every time I take my toothbrush into the shower, I'm overcome with the desire to scrub the grout around the tiles. That's weird, right? #
  • New record! In this snowfall I only made it 20ft before face planting! Have I mentioned I hate winter yet? #
  • Boo. Hiss. #
  • Dude. I think I'm in love. RT: @danitosupreme the history of rap in beatbox. #
  • In case you missed it, I got naked. #
  • Today? Today there will be dancing. Suck that, Snow. #
  • Elly: 0 Sewing Machine: 47 #
  • Hey snow? We've got plenty. You *could* take the night off. #
  • Is there some important golf thing happening? A "Free Tiger" rally? Why are there douchey, argyle-clad people carrying putters into my bar? #


  1. So being from the planet lesbian I obviously could not resist clicking your ‘I got naked’ link – I was going to try and explain that I’m not a pervert but I figure at this point there is no point lying. Dude, you wrote a book? You are all kinds of fabulous 🙂

  2. Wait! I meant “your” I love “your” site.
    “you” just sounds weird. I mean, I’d have to take you to chick-fila or something first before I can say something like that.

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