This week’s tweets

  • I'm expecting another visit to the vet today. I suspect my cats are in cahoots to kill me. #
  • Taking a break from accidentally dropping things in the toilet so I can go pick up kitty scripts. Yes folks, I'm living the life. #
  • I went hog wild at the farmers market today and now have no desire to cook. Damn you Black Bear and your buckets of wings. #
  • Even the Hudson Riveria could be a vacation destination on a day this gorgeous. #
  • Just bought a kiln, a wheel, a slab roller and 4000lbs of clay. Now ask me where I'm going to put it… #
  • I just need to state for the record that my white britches have about 17 ballpoint pen marks on them now. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Completely fascinated! RT @aquazie: DIY inspiration for house remodel/decorating with found materials. #
  • Off to see if my new Webster has arrived and pick up some dental records…just in case I need to fake my own death. #
  • En route to the Far East-all the way to 3rd Ave. That's practically another river! The things I'll do for a Palm Pre… #
  • Mmmm, roadtrip. Slingshot engaged. #
  • Latex has been hosed. Concrete has been mixed. Let the casting begin!! #
  • I got talked into a bike ride with people that take biking vacations. Now need to ice my crotch. #
  • – My brother is getting all maternal with the new kitten. #
  • – Even more than Ithaca, the Lonon boys are gorges. #

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