This Week’s Tweets

  • I just broke my snow boots. THAT takes talent. #
  • A Roc em Soc em Robot ukulele? It's like someone just put peanut butter in my chocolate! Check that, @MazelTaj! #
  • A beautiful post from beautiful survivor @adamslisa. — #fuckcancer #
  • If my uniform had feathers on the shoulders, I would bedazzle it. And then I would audition for the Jersey Shore. #WhyAmIWatchingFootball #
  • Quite possibly the best t-shirt in the history of all time. via @CultureBrats #
  • Him: Going to any shows this week? Me: What's the point. Brief Encounter closed. *sigh* #
  • I just watched Black Swan. I am not okay. I will now watch Dr. Horrible on repeat until the thought of tulle no longer makes me shudder. #
  • Maybe there's an upside to being trapped indoors due to snow. #
  • Reason #472 I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen while sleep deprived? Hot mulled water with marshmallows is disgusting. #
  • So excited I could piddle! – HBO developing series around musical-comedy duo Garfunkel And Oates via @The_AV_Club #
  • I don't really have an explanation, just thought this should be documented. Captions welcome. #


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