This Week’s Tweets

  • I can't believe I'm voluntarily travelling towards the snow. #
  • We found the snow. It's in Shartlesville. We're tempted to camp out here and stockpile Shartlesville memorabilia. #
  • Damn you, snow. *shakes fist* You've defeated me again. Boo. Hiss. #
  • Home sweet Hoboken! Now about finding parking… #
  • I suppose that's one way to avoid dealing with a stroller in this weather. #Hoboken #
  • It's not every morning you wake up to find a head lamp at your bedside. #
  • Just bought my black eyed peas and collard greens. Bring on the New Year! #
  • Where's an independent, impartial opinion when I need it? Anyone? Bueller? #
  • I just shared my Cheerwine stash with @bridgetcallahan. She said, "It's like red velvet cake in a can." Best description ever. #
  • I have a stick of butter in my pocket and a bottle of prosecco. Let the festivities begin! #
  • Um, NKOTB? I just felt my childhood crush shrivel up and drop off. #
  • KILLER WHALES!! Also? Happy New Year, I guess. #


  1. Happy new year to you tweeting lady. I am still holding out on the twitter. Because I am a rebel of society and way too wordy to possibly say anything in 140 characters or less. So balls to that. But happy new year to YOU!

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