This Week’s Tweets

  • "Let's watch this. It's like a Christmas movie." – Rocco re Life of Brian #
  • Fun with needles. The knitting kind. What is wrong with you people? — Punk Crochet @craftastrophe #
  • Flipping through my Blogger Body Calendar. @toywithme @marymac @redneckmommy You ladies look MAHvelous. cc: @BBC2011 #
  • What are the odds the three firetrucks outside my building are filled with caroling firemen? That's a yule log I smell, right? #
  • Tonight – The Importance of Being Earnest. It better be damned good since I'm missing Brief Encounter to see it. Well, free is always good. #
  • I've been in Virginia for 3 whole hours and have consumed neither Cheerwine nor Bojangles. The world might be ending. Hug your loved ones. #
  • This is how my dad does chocolate on a guest's bedside table. #


  1. I love your tweets almost as much as I adore you!
    Merry Christmas my UKE playing, tour bus hopping sister in arms!!
    Wait, no – HELLCATS!!!!
    Thundercats !!HOOOOO!

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