This Week’s Tweets

  • Quick show of hands, Interwebz – is this ornament obscene? #
  • I fear that after seeing this my husband will encourage our cats' artistic pursuits. — Clever Animals @craftastrophe #
  • Hi Winter. Just in case you weren't clear before, I hate you. #
  • Remember that time I made a bacon bouquet for my husband? This is worse. Or better. Probably both. — @craftastrophe #
  • I'm still in my pj's. So far, today is going exactly as planned. #
  • Bart Simpson stamp on a condolence card…that's permissible, right? #
  • My brain? Blown. It's a bizarro, endlessly surprising, itsy-bitsy world. Now how do you get leaking brain dribble stains out of wool? #
  • Attention NYC, we are holding your cabs hostage. Send cheesecake or else. Sincerely, Hoboken #
  • Squee! My soon to be BFF, Neil Patrick Harris will perform with the New York Philharmonic in April. Must. Get. Ticket. #
  • Dear tourists, I know everything is shiny and festive and dripping with holiday spirit, but I have free tickets and you're making me stabby. #
  • Shit. It's drunk santa night, isn't it? I just stepped in reindeer vomit. #


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