This Week’s Tweets

  • A dear friend visiting from out of town, a second round of mimosas, De La Soul on the sound system, sunshine = one hell of a Sunday. #
  • This is what Princess Leia wears when she doesn't want to get any stains on her metal bikini — @craftastrophe #
  • I didn't think Brief Encounter could possibly be better the second time but WOW. Fingers crossed for a third. And fourth. And fifth. And… #
  • When someone asks if you've ever been to a strip club, the correct answer is NOT, "I was working so it doesn't count." Note to self. #
  • Do you ever wish you were an only child? #ThomIsAnAss #
  • I'm thankful for peanut butter cups, down comforters, and seeing another Thanksgiving…not necessarily in that order. #
  • B double E double R U N. #


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