This Week’s Tweets

  • That's odd. My Mac doesn't seem to work well while submerged in water. Go figure. #DamnitCat #
  • Pumpkin Pop Tarts? Ew. #
  • Further proof that I am not a dog person. — Fido Finds His Inner Ho’ @craftastrophe #
  • I love it when a plan comes together. *instantly regrets saying that out loud, looks to sky for lightening bolts* #
  • Can't wait to see the matinee of Elling this afternoon! Being a Broadway whore is exhausting, but well worth every trick turned. #
  • Unless you want to start a conversattion with random strangers in a bar, don't yell, "When I was de-flowered at 17…" #
  • I'm about to pay a guy I've never met before to spend the next 45 minutes sticking foreign objects in my mouth. #
  • Then an hour later I'm going to pay a guy to poke me in the eyes. I know you're green with jealousy. #
  • I'm overwhelmingly underwhelmed. #


  1. A corset on a dog is WAY worse than the cone of shame. I’m pretty sure my dog in a corset would that get embarrassed look on his face — the same face he has when he takes a big dump in the yard. And when I say “I’m pretty sure,” I do NOT actually know. *shudder*

    1. Ok. You seriously had dentist and eye appts the same day?

      Oh…the torture. Although you did get it all over with, I guess. As long as the dentist appt with the bright light came before the eye appt…

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