This Week’s Tweets

  • Last night – Elf the Musical. Tonight – Pee Wee Herman. It's a weird weekend for Broadway. #
  • This may be the nerdiest (and therefore most awesome) carved pumpkin ever. #
  • I know how unicorns are made. — @craftastrophe #
  • Hey weather? I'm not ok with this. Stop it. #
  • Broken food processor, burnt crackers, forgotten chocolate chips AND Rod Stewart tunes in the grocery store? Stop picking a fight, Cosmos. #
  • Thanks @RustyHoe. Your post made me smile from ear to ear. #
  • The one where I prove (again) without a doubt (again) that @ActuallyNPH (again) should be my new bestie (again). #
  • Defragmenting my laptop will make my webcam work again right? RIGHT? Otherwise it looks like Herbert will get the week off. #
  • Drinking bacon favored wine and watching my (soon to be) bestie, @actuallynph, work his Dr. Horrible magic (again). It's good to be me. #
  • This is the bacon flavored wine. It's not really billed as bacon flavored. Just trust me. #
  • Unicorns, Veterans Day, and gigantic cricket testicles. You're welcome. And thanks. #
  • I just discovered that in my messy cursive handwriting, the words "urine" and "wine" look exactly the same. That's unfortunate. #
  • Thanks Hoboken for finally opening Pier C park. And for the sunny day. #
  • The world is a mess and I just need to rule it. #


  1. I SO suck at Twitter! Every time I think of something my brain goes “uh, wait a second, that sounds like a blog post title!”

    Besides, I seldom have any news about unicorns I need to share quickly.

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