This week’s tweets

  • Screw coffee-a good cut to your thumb and blood flung onto your forehead REALLY wakes you up. I’m one coordinated gal. I #blamedrewscancer. #
  • Frightening. Good looking out, EPA. RT @TreeHugger: Debating How Much Weed Killer Is Safe in Your Water Glass #
  • I need to stay distracted today so I don’t fret about my date with Aloysius this afternoon…and needles. Time to school Rocco at tennis. #
  • If I have to choose, I do prefer the needles taking things out rather than putting things in. Fingers crossed. #
  • Today makes 9 months in remission! Suck THAT, cancer. Off to celebrate at Black Bear. #
  • Rather saddened by Kennedy’s passing. I would have loved for him to helm our healthcare reform. Thanks for 47 years of tireless service. #
  • Zipping down the West Side Highway always makes me feel like I’m playing “Cruisin’ USA” for reals. #
  • Expecting a good brain workout at lunch. I think I better order some caffeine… #
  • Why does Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist make me so blissfully happy? Yum. #
  • I’m so proud I may just channel my inner Travolta and take my booty out for a strut. #
  • I #blamedrewscancer for my stupid frickin internet seizing up every damn time I try and accomplish something! Curse you, Cablevision!! #
  • RT @drew: Dear @barackobama – you are cordially invited to my parents house to play wii and drink milkshakes. And plan out killing cancer. #
  • …and then my monitor died a gruesome (but colorful) death. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? #
  • …and then my phone died. I’m now going to power off my netbook before he explodes and hide under my bed until this weirdness ends. #
  • Rocco just ordered a martini and texted 10 people. This has the makings of a long and rowdy night. If you’re in ‘boken, come to Hudson Tav. #

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