This Week’s Tweets

  • I cut up onions (no, I didn't bleed). So now my hands smell like onions. And I can't stop sniffing my onion hands. Even though I want to. #
  • My costume tonight will be a Scottsboro Boys' audience member. Then hopefully the victim of an open bar. #
  • I'm betting this is the manliest sweatshirt ever created — @craftastrophe #
  • Boys are dumb. #
  • Grumble. I had a plan, damnit. #
  • Mildred is working on her hungover owl impressions. #
  • David Sedaris + Jon Stewart = my own personal heaven. Well, minus Justin Timberlake and a slice of cheesecake of course. #
  • Read my latest, incredibly steamy interview…but beware of lasers. cc: @steammeupkid @Studio30Plus #
  • Just got an email offering me a "Reputation Intercept Report." They think I have a reputation worth saving. Think they've ever read my blog? #

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  1. Mildred looks as if she had a WILD night. She should blog about it.

    And the interview rocked. Best interview ever! I now desperately want for you to take over The View. Please?

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