This Week’s Tweets

  • This is going to do absolutely nothing to improve my reputation. — The Holey Vagina Mary @craftastrophe #
  • I'm picking on you. @keepingyouawake @pugalistatrest @subwow @pattypunker @avapidblonde @rustyhoe @midwesternmamah #
  • Why am I craving a glass of ice cold chocolate milk? More importantly, who's going to bring me one? #
  • Best thing I've read today: "Hope right? Isn't this what you fuckers are on about all the time?" @bridgetcallahan #
  • It's surprisingly cheap to mail plastic kazoos to Australia, FYI. #
  • Look out puddles. I've got 20 minutes to kill and I'm wearing galoshes. #
  • Me: Aren't you going to say hi? Her: I didn't recognize you with hair. #fuckcancer #
  • I just invited my cat to shower with me. I might need to get our more. #
  • This is not my best day. I'm almost whiny enough to write a Fiona Apple song. #
  • My fancy lunch? A bowl of tortilla crumbs with salsa poured over them milk-and-cereal style. It may be time to hit the grocery store. #
  • Why am I just hearing this song now? More importantly, how can I get it out of my head? #
  • She's home, but she ain't pleased. #
  • Celebrate #LIVESTRONGday It's the second best day in October. Http:// #


  1. God I suck at keeping up with Twitter! I missed your Fiona Apple whininess (sp?) and inviting the cat into the shower? Did she take you up on it? I’d think she would want to be squeaky clean before heading to the vet.

    How’s she doing?

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