This Week’s Tweets

  • Dong, have you seen my automobile? #
  • The zombie craze has gone too far. @TheBloggess these seem right up your alley. @craftastrophe #
  • WARNING: The world might be ending. I will voluntarily be attending a Yankee game tonight. #
  • I forgot how many projectiles there are at a baseball game. #
  • Oh how I love OK Go and their quirky videos! (But I'm still a cat person, for the record.) — OK Go – White Knuckles – #
  • See? Proof I'm a cat person. (Thanks @bridgetcallahan! You made my week.) — #
  • Dance your cares away. *clap, clap* Worries for another day-ay-ay. Let the music play. *clap, clap* #
  • Dear Summer, I miss you already. Sorry Fall, but you're just one step closer to Winter. *shudder* #
  • Hey Manhattan, can you skootch over? You're blocking the allegedly stunning Harvest Moon. #
  • I'd never seen color photos from the 30's before today – stunning. America Before Pearl Harbor-Early Kodachrome Images #
  • Guess who's going on a sudden roadtrip to Virginia! #
  • Way to keep it classy, Virginia. #
  • You know how people say, "Go to your happy place?" I'm there. #
  • I just became an expert on humming bird poo. You really do learn something new everyday, eh? #
  • The only bad part about my day is that at some point it has to end. #


  1. I love OK Go’s vids — and I love that my kids adore them too. They have them saved on their “favorites,” and watch them repeatedly, and I can’t object. So fun.

    Also, now I shall be singing Fraggle Rock all day, so thanks for that.

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