This Week’s Tweets

  • It's a sad, sad day when I have to pass up free Broadway tickets because I can't leave my bathroom for more than ten minutes. #
  • Oh look! I'm on the VMA's! #
  • I crawled out of the bathroom long enough to find this @craftastrophe. I'm mildly tempted to buy a set for Mildred. #
  • Look out world, I'm back on solid foods. Game on. #
  • A beautiful day with my parents, my Germans, and no sudden urges to sprint for the bathroom. I'm a happy girl. #
  • Cheesecake fixes everything, right? #

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  1. Here’s hoping the cheesecake did the trick! Poor thing!

    Also, I meant to ask, if you got equipment for Mildred would she have a problem with the cat-o-nine-tails? Also, is it only animal abuse if she DOESN’T enjoy it?

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