This Week’s Tweets

  • Warm sake and free Broadway tickets – it's a good day to be me. #
  • Happy Labor Day! Now, take a load off and prop your legs up on this monstrosity. @craftastrophe #
  • Chillin' in the park and just got hit on by an old dude on a pimped out hoveround. Clearly, I've still got it. *sigh* #
  • When it comes to farmer's markets, my eyes are always bigger than my upper body strength. Woof. #
  • Some days I'm convinced the only thing standing between me and perfect happiness is a baked good. #
  • If this sky is any indication, I'm about to stumble into an M. Night Shamalan movie and have my face ripped off. #
  • I love a Broadway show that incorporates ukuleles. Everyone should go see Brief Encounter. Immediately. #
  • You know what's awesome? Sleep. I'd really like some of that. #


  1. Hope you finally got some sleep. If you were getting your face ripped off in an M. Night Shamalan movie, it would probably be just a bad dream. Either that or someone would sew it back on. Probably backwards, but at least you’d still have a face…

  2. I have GOT to be more funny so I can do this. Hey! I see all of you NOT holding your breath!

    Seriously, I hope this means you’re feeling a little better and got some non-Ronnie rest!

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