This week’s tweets

  • I'm positive that big wet explosive sneeze has been lurking all day and was just laying in wait for me to apply mascara.I #blamedrewscancer #
  • I'm digging out my mushroom molds, picking up my rental car, and driving down to Virginia. I can taste the Cheerwine already. #
  • Note to self: next time try to notice the color and/or model of rental car before parking at a crowded shopping center and walking away. #
  • Jumping back in the car, Jersey bound. Here's hoping my kitty pulls through and I'm just being silly. #
  • Back in the 'boken. Cat is medicated (and shaved). Sleep can't be far behind. #
  • Adding "proficient with a medicine dropper" and "wrangler of kitties" to the "Related Skills" section of my resume. #
  • My new friend, Tony the Port Authority Guy and I just carried a piece of Ikea furniture 5 blocks for a crazy sobbing lady. NYers rule! #
  • Hooray! We've made it 24 hours without cat puke! It's the little things… #