This Week’s Tweets

  • Not accomplishing anything today is really taking it out of me. #
  • What happens when you combine alcoholic beverages, roadkill and taxidermy chemicals? It ain't pretty. @craftastrophe #
  • Holy Bizarreness, Batman. Is anyone else listening to Christoper Walken on NPR? #
  • Know how I know my cats love me? They puke IN my shoes. That way the stains are hidden. Yup, that's love – cold, moist, smelly love. #
  • I need a wedding-esque song for my ukulele that's easy enough to learn in two days. Suggestions? And no, Fat Bottomed Girls doesn't count. #
  • Who needs coffee when you can pay someone to rip all the hair out of your face? #AwakeNowThanks #
  • And the weekend of Holy Gwatrimony has begun. Let's see how long Rocco can last listening to me practice my uke in the car. #
  • The little brother has kidnapped Hebert and is trying to learn to play. He's a regular child ukeagy. #
  • Apparently I'm related to Sarah Palin. That's the only possible explanation I can find for Thom using the word "explacation." #


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