This Week’s Tweets

  • While it makes me tragically old and uncool, I love the anticipation of waiting for new books to arrive. Just not the same downloading them. #
  • They say pets are good for you. Still, I don't need TWO of these in my house. – For External Use Only @craftastrophe #
  • I'm less focused today than my mother's webcam – and that's saying something. #
  • My friend Joy just gave me the best tee ever. #Unicorns #Cupcakes #FuckYeah #
  • What the heck is up with this weird day? Now some chick keeps calling my cellphone and asking if I'm Chinese. #
  • Good work, California! I'll be toasting you with a cosmo this evening. #
  • I suddenly remember that I'm much more comfortable running a conference than I am attending one. Eeek. #BlogHer10 #
  • Did they really just hand me a bag full of Playdoh before sending me to a cocktail party? Anyone else think that's a good call? #blogher10 #
  • RT @bethysmalls: Met @cheaty @mmarzipan and @bugginword at the #peoplesparty worth the price of admission. AGREED!! #blogher10 in reply to bethysmalls #
  • I cry uncle, #BlogHer10 I'm at the Bridges Bar. #
  • For those of you that are asking, this is how my conference is going – black tongues and @theblogess. #
  • Is this the coolest necklace you've ever seen? @subwow loves me. #
  • At a party called Sparklecorn and this is the cake. I found my people. #


    1. It’s fascinating because I’m pretty sure that’s what they eat, too. I guess they just don’t digest them? Sort of like me and corn? TMI?

    1. Honestly, I’ve watched it seven times and I’m STILL not sure how I feel about it. Unicorns are dirty. I need time to adjust.

      Also, why does it make me so sad that they stuff the little dead bird? Oh poor little bird!

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